It’s hard to think what to write, some days.

There isn’t really much going on, and nobody really really wants to hear how things are going with work, or homework – and what is left other than that? Housework?

In my head I hear Ming The Merciless: “Klytus, I’m bored.”

So let’s start with this, I guess: I think The Magnificent Seven is possibly one of the most macho films I’ve ever seen.

This is not really a controversial statement.

We watched it again tonight, for…reasons; my husband needs it for research, as he prepares to try and run a tabletop campaign loosely based on it. It’ll be the second go at it – the first having fallen prey to the great demon Scheduling; here’s hoping the second try is more successful.

I still remember helping put together the backstory for it, and building the…McGuffin, working through finishing touches together over a pint and a plate of fish and chips at our local pub.

I’ve thought at some length here about Westerns before, and my assessment of them hasn’t really changed much with time; I still find the genre difficult to connect with, though moments of it can be enjoyable. There are some great action scenes, and some lovely earnest moments, and some gorgeous scenery…but it’s just. so. macho.

Perhaps I’m just more in the mood for something swashbuckly. Something with…flouncier clothes, witty repartee, perhaps someone sliding down a banister or swinging on a chandelier. That’d be about the right speed, just now.

Something fun.

How long has it been since something was last fun?