In which I labor under the weight of vaccination side effects, and Cannot Even

I got my second vaccination shot yesterday.

Sometime on the evening of July 19, if we’re being very precise about the whole two weeks for full effectiveness thing, I should be safe to hug my friends again, or go to the grocery store with less unease about what I might pick up from some random person in line.

Perhaps when I feel less terrible I will be happy about that.

It’s not so bad that I feel I can’t manage, which is okay I guess, but I can’t pretend the urge to just go lie on the floor for a few hours isn’t…significant. (I did not sleep well; the pain in the arm where I got the shot is mighty enough that it kept waking me up.)

…though if it gets much worse than this I might have to give up for today on doing much of constructive use. I am TIRED, you guys. Oof.

I think being so tired is making me feel rather bleak about everything else, too. Way too much brooding about contemplation of the status of my Social Links.

I miss everybody.

(Yet again, the weather outside is beautiful on a day when I feel terrible. What’s up with that?)

In other news, this is a rather delightful Kickstarter if you are like me and have a little collection of Tarot decks.