Feeling pretty beat today; I managed to drain my social batteries quite thoroughly, as it happens, and spending time on the internet is just putting things in line of sight like people who do not understand how prisms or album art work and people who are mad that M&Ms aren’t sexy enough, or something.

So, a few Delightful Things to share:

  • Anyone else besides me love miniature things? This is a rather charming collection of them; these come with little insights from their crafters.
  • An earnest appreciation of Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good Very Bad Day. (No less relatable now than when it was written.)
  • I laughed much harder than really seems plausible at this.
  • Some 90s nostalgia with a side order of history. And geography, of course. I think I’d forgotten how many famous folk had cameos on this show… (Warning: contains catchy theme song.)

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