I think I can be forgiven

…for falling off the wagon over the last week or so, between going back to the office for the first time, starting a professional development course, and the sort of creepingly ubiquitously distracting awfulness of what is going on in Ukraine as I type.

I think I will try to keep conversation on that particular matter to a relative minimum here; there are many who can discuss such things with more insight than I have. It is heartbreaking and more than a little terrifying.

It is strange to me, though, that somehow the rest of life is…still going. That we finished up our watch of the Ring Cycle and, right on time, started a playthrough of Elden Ring over the weekend. That I made a meal plan and went to the grocery store and thought to boil some eggs and folded laundry and did…all of the other things, even though an amber alert late last week may have given me a momentary heart attack as it did many others. That I did homework and prepared for tonight’s session of this professional development course, as I always do.

I keep waking up not dead, I suppose. It’s a start.

And, should the very worst happen, I suppose at least it’ll be over with pretty quickly for me, so that’s a mercy.

For now, it’s pretty quiet, but it is a very, very weird feeling.

I wonder what will be next.

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