A non-comprehensive list

…of things I have caught myself daydreaming about doing over the last couple of weeks:

  • Spending some time building maps in Dungeon Alchemist, once it is released in March, then using these as the basis to build a little module. Offer this as a freebie to friends of mine who are running campaigns where dungeon crawls might feasibly happen.
  • Planning an elaborate dinner party that is based around the principles of the Great Work of alchemy – so, for example, the first amuse-bouche represents calcination, and so on. There are potentially a lot of phases, so it would have to be a “many small plates” kind of affair – or else you’d have to do a drink pairing for each that would represent a phase. Bonus points if I could arrange it such that the ingredients for each course had the right concordances.
  • Playing Persona 4 Golden, to re-visit a world I enjoyed very much the first time.
  • Attempting to put together a trip to Ireland themed entirely around folklore and ballads.
  • Playing in a roleplaying campaign again. (I miss the one that would become my benchmark for all future campaigns; would love to reconnect with that energy for a while.)
  • Going for dinner somewhere I’ve never been before, and then to the theatre for a show.

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